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Curtain mesh effect. So hot right now.

Above: A breakdown of how Vimeo’s community closes lightboxes.

In a stunning opposition to Fitt’s Law, the element with the smallest hit area (an “×”) receives the most amount of clicks!

Though I suspect that most web users have been “trained” not to trust being able to click anywhere outside of the dialogue box to dismiss these common UI elements, I find the results a tad disheartening all the same.

Edit: I should note that these numbers are not 100% accurate because not all lightboxes on our site include a large red cancel button.

Stop reinventing the scrollbar | Ben's Blog 

Thing is though, we already have a vertical progress bar for the web that has been around for decades. It’s called the scroll bar, you may have heard of it.

An Open Letter To Instagram

I love you guys, but the time has come for you to get your web shit together. Here’s an example of your embed:


“Gee, I wonder who liked/commented on this”. OOPS! I guess I’ll never know because those icons/text combinations aren’t clickable. If they aren’t clickable, what relevance can they possibly have? (*sigh*)…time to move on on I guess. Maybe I’ll click through to the website to see what I can see:


“Oh neat! Let me check out the 56 other posts this person has / see who’s following this account…


Stop making shit that isn’t clickable look like it’s actually clickable. I really, really want to believe that someone on your team cares about user experience (and has probably raised this point with someone higher up the food chain, only to have the complaint go unheard), but god damn, y’all!


With all of the translucent UI treatments we’re seeing in iOS 7, doesn’t it help fuel the fire of a see-through iPhone? Maybe we won’t see it in a 5s model, but could it be some preliminary prep work for iPhone 6 or some other “wearable” devices?

I certainly think it would be a cool direction to take mobile technology. At the very least, make something like this passively activate when you’re walking and looking at your phone.


Quora’s #doorslam won’t even let you read more than one fucking answer without their fucking app. What’s the fucking point in that? I want to use your fucking site and you’re pushing me the fuck away. Fuckstains. I don’t want your fucking app.

This blog.

Every. Fucking. Time.

Nintendo & Netflix: Seven Clicks Too Many

Reality: It takes seven—SEVEN—clicks to resume what I was watching with Netflix’s Wii channel.

After turning on my Wii, I have to press A get past an annoying safety screen (1). Then I have to click on the Netflix channel (2). Then I have to confirm (seriously?) that what I clicked on was what I wanted to load (3). Then I have to click on the title I was previously watching (4). Then I must click the “More episodes” button (my girlfriend is behind in the series). Then I have to scroll find where I left off (6). Finally, I can click on the episode I was looking for (7).

Expectation: It should take zero clicks!

Turning on my Wii should jump right into Netflix. Netflix should know that I’m in the middle of a movie (or even TV series) and begin playback automatically. If it’s the wrong thing, then I can always back out—at most that would be two clicks.