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Director, Engineering @ Vimeo.
I like robots, travel, Javascript, and outer space.

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Marissa's Tumblr: Geeking Out on the Logo


On a personal level, I love brands, logos, color, design, and, most of all, Adobe Illustrator.  I think it’s one of the most incredible software packages ever made.  I’m not a pro, but I know enough to be dangerous :)

So, one weekend this summer, I rolled up my sleeves and dove into the trenches with our logo design team: Bob Stohrer, Marc DeBartolomeis, Russ Khaydarov, and our intern Max Ma.  We spent the majority of Saturday and Sunday designing the logo from start to finish, and we had a ton of fun weighing every minute detail.

Calling all CEOs!

Are you looking for a new and exciting way to treat your design team like complete shit? Have you considered bringing them in for the entirety of their weekend and pretending that you know how to do their job?

Not good enough you say? Why not go ahead and have the audacity to publicly speak for your team as to how much “fun” they had giving up a weekend to be micromanaged!